Monday, June 26, 2017

Another safe ride in

I had a dentist appointment this morning and when I was leaving and getting my bike, an old guy started a conversation with me.  He looked like it might have been some years since he retired and I'm not sure what he did for work but he told me a story about how he commuted from Medford to Wentworth for school.  He was telling me that he didn't have much money and he and his buddies car pooled to school.  He said that it wasn't just saving money that was important but that they helped each other work out their problems together, that having friends close by was important.  And he said that it's a bummer (my word) that people drive alone and are so isolated as they get themselves to work.  I'd like to think that he kept this up after school and through his career and by the sound of his last comment, I suspect that it's true..

I left Medford Square and headed down Main Street and Medford Street, heading to Somerville and Cambridge.  It felt a little less safe than Arlington and Cambridge and I kept me eyes open and stayed in high alert, which I think one ought to do when riding in an urban environment. So it surprised me when the driver of plumbing company van was honking his horn to catch my attention at a light.  He apologized for cutting me off.  I thanked him for his concern although I didn't exactly recall him getting all that close to me or anything like cutting me off.  Whatever the case, it was nice that he was aware of a cyclist on the road and that it was good to pay attention to cyclists and give them room.

Not far down the road, maybe a block or two, a SUV passed me with  the passenger side window open.  It was an old guy driving alone and as he passed me he said move over.  The way he said it wasn't overtly obnoxious but just telling someone they didn't have the right to be on the road is pretty obnoxious.  Then he continued on his happy way and I was wondering what I did that seemed bother him.  Maybe it was because I was riding a bike.

This all probably isn't news but it's better to tell a story of something nice and something not too terrible.  I, or most anyone who rides a bike in the Boston area, sees some pretty awful behavior on the road on a daily basis and none of this resembles that awful behavior.  So I'm just being hopeful during a time that the country seems to be collapsing into fascism and our climate seems less than reliably stable.

Today's commute: 16 miles.  Miles for the year: about 1,400, a thousand of that commuting to work.