Saturday, June 9, 2012

Riding with children

While we love to get out with our boys, it always entails a decent amount of work to get out of the house.  This includes packing enough food, spare clothing, and diaper changing gear.  Traveling light is nearly impossible - for a long weekend or a week at the Cape we pack the back of our wagon to the ceiling and carry more in a roof box and a bike or two on the roof racks as well.  It seems to be the same on bicycle.  We managed to fill two Ortlieb front panniers with food and a couple of locks.  We also filled the back of the Burley with hats, spare clothes, and spare toys.  And we had all of this just for a trip to the rail car at the end of the bike path and a picnic near there.  I knew we looked over packed and this was confirmed by three heavily laden bicycle tourists we saw in Lexington, who said we looked like we were going as far as they were.

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