Thursday, June 21, 2012

Early morning ride on the hottest day of the year

I was out of the house by 5:15AM and did not see another rider for the next hour.  The ride was 23 miles, taking me to Concord by way of 2A, to Bedford on 62, and returning home on the bike path. The bike path was idyllic.  128 was already packed.

The temperature and humidity wasn't all that bad so early in the morning.  I took it easy - my computer reported a 15mph average speed - and I wasn't really sweating once I stopped riding.  It was humid, or something was in the air.  Look at the picture of the bike path bridge over 128.  Notice the shadow of the top of the left side of the fence on the right side of the fence.  You can also see this in the air above the path.  It seems to be either humidity or particulates in the air, or both.  I have seen this effect before.  I'd like to ride on a very dry morning to see if it visible then.

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