Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bicycle accident in Cambridge, Dec. 2011

I originally posted this to my Google Plus page (limited access) the evening after I witnessed the accident:

Things to make you sick: bike commuter rides in bike lane to right of cars, all stopped for light.  I thought she was moving too quickly for the conditions. A van takes a left between two of the cars in front of me to get onto a side street. I heard the cyclist scream, saw her veer to the right to avoid the van and crash into a building and mailbox. Many witnesses and police in unmarked car were at the scene before I could park and get out of my car. Bicyclist was sitting down, holding her leg. It happened fast enough so that even though I saw the van coming in and the cyclist coming fast on my right, by the time I opened my window to scream a warning it was over. I hope she is OK.

I don't know if police cited the driver or the bicycle rider or no one.  I thought the driver of the van was proceeding at a very low speed and with an abundance of caution as his van passed through the line of stopped cars.  I also thought the bicycle rider was riding quite quickly for the conditions - a bike lane between stopped cars and the curb.  I know I would have not tried to make up time in those conditions.  My perspective might have been limited in that I only saw the rider briefly as she accelerated into the intersection and the van moving through the line of traffic I was stopped in.

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