Thursday, August 15, 2013

Night riding

I just got back from a night ride that sort of looked like this.  I forgot how fun it is to ride at night.  The evening was cool and I had a light wool sweater just in case, but I did not need it.  I was making enough heat to stay warm but not sweat.  I had a first quarter moon (but low in the sky, given the season) to help light the way.

Lighting, besides the moon:

60 lux Busch and Muller headlight and Spanniga Pixeo rear light powered by a Shimano 3N80 generator hub, Nite Rider MiNewt 600 lumen headlight, and a battery powered blinky light in the rear.  I have tires with reflective sidewalls and wore a reflector vest to round it out.  I felt safe on the roads and could see everything I needed to see on the unlit paths.  I used the Nite Rider only on  the busier roads, which means I didn't have it on much of the time.

Miles for the month: 252, miles for the year: 1930.

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