Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Slow July

I usually ride a lot in July.  Historically it's been the month that I ride the most and that means usually 500 miles or more.  This year my best month will certainly be June.  I rode about 650 miles, including almost 120 miles on the High Point ride.  Much of the rest could be considered training for the Greylock ride and I do think that the ride would have been out of my league if I didn't train for endurance and hills in June.

Partly as a consequence of my June riding, I did much less riding in July, less than 300 miles.  I did manage 60 miles of riding during the family reunion in New Hampshire, including some decent hill climbing, and I rode 50 miles on our Cape week but the rest of the month was busy and having spent so much time out of the house, particularly on the weekend of the ride, I didn't push too hard to get out on my own in July.  August may be better.  I rode over 80 miles this weekend and I plan to take a day off this week for a ride.  I also have plans for a couple of other vacation days for riding.

I haven't been as fast I was in June but I did ride 25 miles on Wednesday morning at 17.2MPH.  I rode 40 miles last Sunday at 16.4, and today, after 50 relaxed miles yesterday, I rode 30 miles at 16.2.  Nothing stellar but for me it has been a good year.

Miles for the year: 1760.

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