Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring riding

This has been a good year for cycling for me so far.  I have about 10 hours on the trainer and 120 miles outside.  Almost half of those miles have been in the dark with my new generator lighting system.  I just did 15 miles this evening.

I took yesterday off from work for what was billed as a 50 degree day.  I rode the same route as we did for our date ride last year.  I didn't use the Freeman Trail since it was largely snow covered, though it won't be for much longer:

The snow was pretty deep in places.  I couldn't find a tree to lean my bike against for a bio break but could use the snow on North Road in Carlisle, near Great Brook Farm Park (I had nothing to do with that little bottle to the right of my tire):

It was a fabulous day for a ride and while I enjoy night riding, I really enjoy riding in daylight.  And I was very happy that I had enough in my legs for a decent ride this evening.

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