Friday, July 6, 2012

Date ride

My wife and I had a date ride this morning.  We had taken the day off because of day care schedules and had the nanny stay with the boys.  We did this ride.  The ride was great - it was a pretty day and not too hot but it was long.  My wife hit the 100 mile mark on this ride while I think I topped 700 miles for the year.  Unlike last year when I rode most of my miles on the Surly, I have about 600 miles on the IF and slightly more than 100 on the Surly.  I'm feeling great riding the IF.

We stopped for a snack at Keyk's in South Chelmsford.  They didn't have a great selection and my wife opted for a bar while I had a slightly too sweet cupcake.  We may try it again when they have a better selection.

We stopped at our favorite break site on Maple Street in Carlisle.

I also rode a 26 mile version of the Concord, Bedford ride early on Thursday morning.

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