Saturday, September 8, 2012

Two Bridges

I was lucky this morning and had the chance to get out for a 50 mile ride, if I left the house around 5:15AM, which I did.  Here is the route.  My routes have gotten stale this year, mostly because of time constraints, usually heading north and west of Concord.  I rode south of Concord and Route 2 past the DeCordova Museum last week.  This week I stretched it further south by heading past Verrill Farm and then past the golf course towards Sudbury.  I would have liked to ride Water Row but I was already short of time so saved that for another day.

The ride brought my total mileage for the year to 1740.  That is over double the 850 miles I rode last year when the 1 year old was not sleeping late and life was far busier than this year.

The ride brought me to the bridge on Maple St. in Carlisle by 6:15AM, just before sunrise:

I road south to Concord then south and then west by the Lincoln-Sudbury High School and on to Sherman Bridge Road:

I made my way back through Lincoln and to Lexington for a quick shot of expresso at RSC.  Fortunately the place was empty and my expresso came fast and was delicious.  I raced home and came back in quite warm.  My wife was surprised, thinking that the day was cool (windows were open and it felt humid inside to me). It was, in fact, quite warm even at 5:15AM.


  1. That's a stylish bike, right there. Thanks for your comment on my blog, NEB!

  2. It is my style and I'm lucky enough to be able to get one. It's been on the road for 8000 miles and it continues to feel like a new bike.