Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day weekend rides

We tried a Cape camping trip over Labor Day weekend, leaving Thursday with friends and family joining us on Friday.  The older boy was sick so we bailed on Saturday morning.  Before he got sick, we did get out for a ride for coffee and wading in the water, and checking out the CG 36500, before heading back to the campground.  The younger boy fell asleep on the way so I did a moving, non carbon nap in the bike seat, riding to East Harwich and back.  The little guy woke up a mile from the tent.  Most of the ride was on the Cape Cod Rail Trail, which was busy in places.

At home on Monday I did this ride.  It was 46 miles from my house and while I wasn't fast, it was a refreshing ride and was finished by 9:15AM, which was a bit late for my family.

I rode 14 miles this morning at 16.5mph before 6AM.  Full lighting was required.  Sunrise was at 6:15 today.

The bikes parked at Rock Harbor, Orleans:

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