Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Surly's answers to all of those cycling questions

It's worth reading: Surly's answers to every cycling question ever asked.  I'll add just one thing applicable to me:

My knowledge of bikes changes over time as the technology changes.  I worked on every part of my old bike. I even repacked the bearings in my pedals.  I owned every tool I needed.  I'm pretty helpless now but eager to learn and willing to buy a few tools.  And it will take a while to be confident pulling a bike apart.

But read the Surly blog post.  It is entertaining reading alternative answers to every bike question you might ask.  Tour on your twitchy racer with significant toe clip overlap, jury rigged racks, and no fenders?  Sure!

Disclaimer: I found this post on the lovelybikes twitter feed.

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