Sunday, May 6, 2012

Buying a transportation bike 2

I recently talked about the questions that I pondered before I bought my multipurpose bicycle.  I was in a reputable LBS a couple of days ago picking up a tool that I needed, part of my quest to do more, or all, of my bicycle maintenance.  While I was waiting in line, someone walked into the store and asked the question, "I need a commuter bicycle, what do you suggest?".  I heard the suggestions, a cyclocross bike or a touring bike - not far from what I had considered for my own needs.  I held my tongue though I was curious about how much this person thought about this purchase in advance.  I would have liked to suggest that he look at the original post that I referenced but I also didn't want to interfere with either the customer's experience or the store's business.  And what do I know besides my own preferences anyway?

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