Thursday, August 13, 2009

Assorted rides on VT vacation

During the first of the family trip to Vermont, I took 3 rides:

Brattleboro to Mt. Snow
. This was an unexpectedly big hill. Should have checked out a map. The ascent was fine but lengthy. The descent was very cold and I was under dressed for the weather.  I think the cold sapped all of my energy and there was a decent ascent left. I'd do this ride again but check the weather first.

Mt. Snow to West Townshend. This was a down and up trip done before breakfast. I wanted to get out and couldn't be out long enough for any of the epic loops available here. This ride supplied substantial exercise. It was done early enough that traffic was light.

Mt. Snow down 100 past Jacksonville, VT and back to Wilmington, VT (with a side trip to the reservoir because I had a few minutes before I met my wife and nephew). This trip was intended to check out the outlet of the Harriman Reservoir. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time. It did serve as recon for the following two rides (to Zoar and Rowe Mass, Harriman loop), which I did on the next family trip to Vermont.

Bike: IF Club Racer 2007

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