Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Spin Arts Cyclocross bike in the wild

On my way into work today, I ran into Shauna, riding her Spin Arts cyclocross bike.  I have never heard of Spin Arts before.  When I saw the head tube with an unusual badge, I asked her if I could take a look at her bike.  She was happy to show it off.  She used to race and this was once her racing bike.  Now it's her commuter.

After checking out her bike we enjoyed a rainy commute into Somerville together.  We both manged to remember rain gear so the commute wasn't all that bad.  But my gloves didn't dry by the time I left for home, which tells me I need a better drying arrangement at work.  By the way, the pictures were taken when the rain was still very light.  I wouldn't have asked to check out her bike if I ran into her 20 minutes later.  By then I just wanted to get out of the rain.

The bike:

The unusual head badge that caught my eye.

Side view of the bike.  It has nice lines but certainly is a little retro looking, with curved steel forks and lugs.

Lugs everywhere.

Bottom bracket, also lugged.

Beautiful details in the head tube and and fork crown.

As Tom Stevens says on his web page, each bike he builds is durable.  I'd say this one has stood the test of time.

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