Friday, May 22, 2015

A Mitch Pryor, Brent Steelman Randonneur project bike in the wild

I saw a great bicycle on my commute into work today, a Mitch Pryor/Brent Steelman Randonneuring bike.  It was signed by the builders.  The bike is of a now classic style with 650b wheels, wide tires, low trail, a very curvy) fork, and front rack, including lowriders.  It's all TIG welded.  John, the owner is a tall guy and the frame is quite large but still aesthetically pleasing.  You can see the pump attached at the left seat stay here.

The bike is equipped with an SP dynamo hub powering a Schmidt headlight and an integrated seat post mounted taillight.

The headlight is mounted on the front rack, which includes a deccaleur.

The bike is signed by both Mitch Pryor and ...

the Brent Steelman.

It's an amazing commuter with longer rides planned for this great machine. I haven't heard of these builders before.  John told me that he found Mitch Pryor through a review of a Mitch Pryor in Bicycle Quarterly.  I've read through several issues of this magazine although I'm not a regular reader.  I did read their most recent comparisons of generator hubs before I started down that road in 2012.

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