Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Commuting, sometimes

Well, the year has restarted.  The snow melted and my tendon is all healed and I started riding my bike to work.  Actually I went out for coffee once while waiting for my car to get fixed.  But that's it.  I had dreams that I would bike more but circumstances and weather conspired to slow me downand recreation rides are still in the future.  Bad weather is part of it but for commuting, I'll ride in the rain.  I am usually a fair weather commuter but riding in the rain seems like fair weather ride after this winter.  I did ride in the rain several times last year but it was less than 10 times, I think.  So I have to enjoy everything when I do ride, even if it's through the city and I won't worry about the rain.

Last Friday I finally did a little recreational riding, through an urban area.  I've seen pictures on Instagram (via Matt Roy and Rob Vandermark) of a walking/riding bridge under the Zakim Bridge.  I was meeting a friend for dinner and he needed more time so I decided to ride to the bridge before I went to my friend's house and it was fabulous.  It was gritty and very noisy but it was great fun and I highly recommend checking it out.  This route on Ride With GPS isn't exactly my route but it gives you and idea of how to get around.  I ended up in East Cambridge at my friend's house so I reversed this route and ended up on roads that looked pretty scary but it wasn't all that bad.

Miles for the year: 200

The bridge from the dam.  You can see the last of the ice from this winter.  The  TD Garden looks small from this perspective.  This was probably the noisiest part of the ride.  I wish I could have measure the sound but I assure you it was overwhelming.

The bridge from below.  It isn't the bright, colorful bridge that you will see on the Wikipedia site but it is cool perspective.

The deck from underneath.  It seems pretty wide when you are underneath it but it doesn't come out in this picture.

One of the four supports for the towers holding the cable stays.  It's not all that big but it seems to do the job.  You can see one of the supports for the entrance ramp in the distance.

You will pass by the tracks for the commuter rail heading north from North Station.  I don't know how often this bascule bridge is raised but I know they are still active.

Past the bridge, I came across the turn around for the Green Line at Lechmere.  It isn't fancy.

At one point during the day I also took a wrong  turn and ended up at the Longfellow Bridge, which is getting a much needed renovation.  Ice is piled up here  as well.

Matt Roy pointed out an owl that he saw on his commute and I stopped there last week. Unfortunately it wasn't there when I came with my son, who has been interested in owls since we saw one when he was four months old.

Finally, people carry many things by bike.  I was particularly impressed by Dan, who was carrying his goalie equipment, after an early morning game.  I played goalie a couple of times and I still have the sense of how massive the equipment is.

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