Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Recent rides

Sad to say, all of my recent rides have been short, early AM, night rides, and commutes.  Traffic at this time of the year is horrible so it is a relief to commute by bike, even on a hot day like today (high temp around 95F).  I have sufficient lights for riding in the dark but these are never fast rides - at least I'm not willing to ride fast, even with the best lighting.

My Tuesday commute was marked by the high number of silly cyclists bombing through red lights.  I'm always amazed at how people disregard their own safety but they do it.  I heard one interesting comment when waiting for the light from Mass Ave to Somerville Ave in Porter Square: "it's just so confusing".  Hmmm .... there is a red arrow and all of the other vehicles (all motorized) are waiting for the green arrow.  That doesn't seem confusing to me, even if 75% of the other cyclists choose to run the red light.  Interestingly, I saw two Somerville policemen, on bikes, looking for errant cyclists a quarter mile away.

Mileage for September: 125, mileage for the year: 2315.

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