Monday, December 3, 2012

How the year went

Life has been busier and busier with the two boys so while I hoped to ride a lot this year, I couldn't really expect to do.  The year started out slow and I didn't really start riding until the younger child could sleep late.  He started to do so and I started to do ride when he did.  That sleeping late was 7AM and that started right after the summer solstice.  That meant I could leave for a 25 mile ride after sunrise and still get home before the little guy woke up.  I started almost all of my rides by 5, even after the sun failed me (I started riding with lights, reflector vest, and a lot of caution).  I continued this pattern late into the fall and this is what my year looked like, by miles:

500 miles (590, really) before July 1
500+ miles in July
500+ miles in August
500+ miles in September and October
and 50+ miles in November and December

Everything after July 1st would not have been record breaking for me but would have been a very decent year.  Still, 2200 miles was beyond an optimistic goal for me.  I also ran 350+ miles, most of that in the first 4 months of the year, and had a reasonably good finish time in the Feaster Five run on Thanksgiving (8 minute miles), even though I didn't put on more than 50 miles since May.  I also used our trainer in the basement for about 20 hours in the late winter and early spring.  I didn't start until February this year and already started back on it for the winter.  Not that I am abandoning running; I ran 6 miles this morning.  I'm hoping to keep up both cycle training and running all winter and maybe, just maybe I will get some skiing in this winter.  I was invited on a half marathon ski race this winter and I'd do it if I get a trip or two in before then ...

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