Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Faraday Electric Bike in the wild

I ran into Chris on my Friday AM commute and asked to check out his Faraday Porteur, an electric bike.  This is the first Faraday I've seen around town.  It's a nice bike on the surface and he loves it.  As he said, it gets him out riding on errands, commutes, and for pleasure.  You can't beat that kind of motivation.  From a distance, it doesn't look like an electric bike but one with a big front hub, like it has drum brakes.  But it also has disc brakes so the front hub is a bit busy but otherwise that's all you notice on the outside.  That and the rear light, which looks like the battery enclosure, though I'm not sure of that.

OK, if the battery isn't behind the seat tube, where is it?
Rear dropout.  Not fancy but it looks like it does a good job supporting the rear disc brake.
The porteur rack is supported by the frame, not the fork.  You can also see the front headlight.
Chris has an uncomplicated cockpit on his Faraday.

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