Sunday, December 6, 2015

Early winter ride

It's meteorological winter in the Boston area and it's been cold, even if we are the midst of 50-55F afternoons.  This morning was no exception.  I knew it was going to be cold this morning so I dressed for it.  I thought it would be around 30F but the weather station said that it actually dipped to 23F.  How does that feel?  Well, dressed as I was, I was fine and never felt very cold.  My toes did get a bit cold but I could wiggle them around and they would be fine.  I was wearing a neoprene shoe cover over my road shoes with a thick pair of wool socks.  Maybe I do need some heater packets for colder days.  But despite how well prepared I was, it was cold.  I could tell how cold it was when I touched my top tube without gloves.  That was very cold.  This ride would have been impossible if I lost a glove.  Another way to see how cold it really was?  Checking my water bottle after realizing that I wasn't drinking enough water, I saw a fair amount of ice and it cracked when I squeezed my bottle to get water out of it.  That's cold.  I was outside for about 3 hours and while not chilled, I was more than happy to take a hot shower when I got home.

Edit: Just to be clear, I'd love to be doing daytime rides but I'm trying to find a balance between enjoying riding and being part of my family. 

The route.

Miles for the ride: about 38 or so, miles for the month: 92, miles for the year: 3,960.  Given good health, I should easily top 4,000 miles this year.

Some pictures from the ride:

Looking at the beaver lodge from the Maple Street bridge in Carlisle.  The 2007 IF Club Racer was a great bike for the dry roads.

Near the intersection of Pope Road and West Street in Acton. 
South of Strawberry Hill Road in Acton.


  1. Nice ride but I think you left the house too early. The temp skyrocketed to 50 here in the SouthCoast.

    1. The temperature here made it to the forecasted 55F this afternoon and it was beautiful. I would have loved to ride then but I needed to balance time for riding with time with my kids and my wife. That said, while I don't ride as fast in the dark, it was a beautiful time to be outside and I enjoyed my ride. There isn't anything much better than watching the sun set one day then rise the next while outside, something I had the pleasure of doing yesterday and today.