Saturday, November 14, 2015

Coffeeneuring 7, 2015 - Barismo, East Arlington, MA

This is my last official coffeeneuring ride of the season and this year is the first time that I actually finished the challenge.  That my wife encouraged me to finish certainly helped.  And having warm enough weather and, sometimes, warm enough clothes also helped.  Today I did a quick 25 mile ride out to Lincoln with less than 1,000 feet of climbing.  It was only moderately cool, just above 40 degrees, but windy, especially for my last 2 or 3 miles after my coffee stop.

Barismo is a great shop conveniently located in East Arlington.  I'd be stopping here daily if I didn't bring my coffee to work.  It's a funky shop with a lot of coffee for sale and some seating.  I sat at a communal table with Brad, a recent transplant to East Arlington from North Carolina.  That people would sit together and expect to talk is a great thing and kudos to Barismo for encouraging it.  My cappuchino was great.  I only wish that I had the tolerance for a second cup, which I considered.

Perhaps the only interesting part of the day is how I found Barismo.  After school drop off Wednesday, I found myself talking with the owner of Sip and Dave, a parent from East Arlington and the subject was, predictably, coffee.  Jared has been part of Boston coffee world for a while now and Dave is just an interested consumer like me.  He mentioned Barismo, which he liked.  Jared also had a great opinion of Barismo.  And so I decided my last coffeeneuring trip of 2015 should be to Barismo.  And it was well worth it.

As you all know today (11/14/2015) is the day after the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris.  I feel pretty awful about the future right now, much like I did in the days after 9/11.  I don't know what the next days or years will bring but it is certain that more war is possible.  I thought an early morning ride, a strong habit for me, would be calming and it was.  So was my conversation at the coffee shop.  But history is happening outside my little bubble and I have little control over it and it looks uncertain.

My ride for the day, a 2007 Indy Fab Club Racer, well lit for an early, but not too early, departure.

There isn't much color right now but the sun lighting up some bare crowns was pretty .

A cappuccino from Barismo.

The newly constructed Mass Ave with sparse bike parking and the new bike lane.

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