Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Touring blues

I've been following NutmegCountry on his Instagram feed for a while now and really enjoy his photographs.  I recently discovered his blog, which doesn't have all that many posts, unfortunately.  His recent posts are documenting his cross country tour.  One of those posts struck a chord with me.

This post.  It documents his struggles with touring and it seemed familiar to me.  As he said in the post, "i'm sure plenty of distance tourists have run into this but i've never heard anyone ever talk about it. it's probably just like anything else, in retrospect you forget much of the bad and candy-coat everything."  Well, that strikes a nerve, deep down somewhere in my memory.  I have these thoughts of times on long tours, by myself, when the rain came early and cold, or the hills were relentless and I didn't have enough food to stop for the night, or the cars and logging trucks were running me off the road or the wind just made traveling nearly impossible and I needed to get to a place to sleep or eat.  And at those times I, too, wished I were somewhere else.

I think he's got it right, that doing something every day, all day for as much time as you would spend on a full time job, and more, makes everything, even cycling, difficult, for a time.  I never got home wishing I didn't take that tour but I definitely had some days that made me wonder.  Maybe I did what he did and found some refuge and rested and found energy to make myself happy about what I was doing.

I'm not sure when I might get to spend at least a couple of weeks by myself on bike.  Maybe since I'm older I'm also wiser and I'll avoid getting into a rut and getting too tired or wet and cold or caught on the wrong roads.  Probably not.  I'll just make the mistakes and figure out how to sort it out yet again.

But read the blog, it's totally worth following: www.pedalpedal.net.  And he is back on track after a rest in Lincoln, NE.

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