Saturday, September 12, 2015

The theme is fog

Last weekend I got out for three rides.  They were short rides. mostly in an effort to find time to get on my road bike and be available for family obligations.  This meant that I was going to do early morning rides.  With last weekend's cool mornings (Bedford was in the mid 40s when I was riding Saturday morning) there was fog, ground fog and river fog.  Saturday was the best example, documented here with two Instagram posts.

The heaviest fog was on the 225 bridge over the Concord River:

Looking down at the river, you could see the swirls of fog, right on the river:

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The fog was a lot less widespread the next morning (Sunday) but there was a great stretch of fog along Silver Hill Road in Lincoln.  Here is one picture from there:

Monday was warmer and a drier day and I had lots of sunlight early.

This morning, Saturday the 12th, was a different story.  The late Friday forecast called for heavy inland fog early, with the potential to burn off with the sun.  With that in mind, I left a bit later than usual, about 5:40 AM.  Fog was present along the bike path in Lexington and it was also readily apparent at the 128 bridge on the Minute Man trail.

It was worse, as expected at the Maple Street bridge in Calisle.

Along with the loss of some visibility, there was a lot of water in the atmosphere that I rode through.  My wool sweater was wet and there was ample evidence on my bike as well.

Fog was variable and it was particularly bad up on Nagog Hill Road in Acton.

And on Lake Nagog.  There is a heron in this picture, which you can barely make out on a big screen.

While there was fog on the road and I thought I should be careful and ride with care and reasonable lighting, I never thought it was a dumb idea to be out.  Traffic was light and cars could see me, evidenced by the wide berth that they generally gave me.  I do turn around a lot and that somehow forces the rest of the drivers to give me more room.


Busch and Mueller last generation IQ CYO front headlight and Secula Plus rear taillight, both run off of a Schmidt dynamo hub.  Supplemented on the front with a Light and Urban 350 lumen light, run on low (about 75 lumens) and in flash mode when I had more light, and on the rear with the 2 watt version of the Cygolite Hotshot.  I have side reflectors on my spokes, wore a reflector vest and two wide reflective ankle straps.  I'm pretty sure I was quite visible, as my neighbor noted on a recent evening when I rode home late.

One bummer for the day was that I wanted to ride the moderate paced 50KM version of Ride Studio Cafe's Honey Hundred ride this morning.  I had a middle of the day obligation that I needed to be home for and missed it.  The good news for me was that most of the Honey riders were out by the time I stopped there for coffee.  With a short line, I actually had time for a latte. Yummy.

Mile for today, about 50.  Miles for last weekend, just under 100.  Miles for the year: 2770.

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