Monday, September 21, 2015

Lazy Saturday, energetic Sunday

Saturday ...

43 miles at 13.5 MPH.  Yes, it was a lazy morning with too many stops for pictures and a brief ride on trails.  Some times it seems like I just can't be fast with an early start, especially when combined with fog, not that I'm ever that fast.  But Saturday was an especially slow day.  Some pictures:

The Cambridge Reservoir, looking low.  

Hanscom runway.  I didn't hear any planes taking off or landing and I certainly couldn't see any.

It looks bucolic but this is the prison farm at the Concord prison rotary.

This is what I learned from Rob Vandermark - signs sometimes aren't all that meaningful.  Yes, you would need a jeep to exit at the other end but I could make it on 25 MM tires.

Trail riding.  I headed down here for a bio break but decided to see where it went.

It went here.  Some roots and few rocks, except for one short section.

A runner suggested that I keep left here, despite the road surface.  My Garmin suggested this way as well.  The road was rough but not impassable.

Umm ... this hole is 2 feet deep and much wider below the asphalt.  I hope Sudbury repairs this soon.

My favorite road.  Apparently it is  quite old.

The Saturday ride route, except for the short diversion onto a trail on Old Mill Road.

After getting up so early and staying up late for working during the week, I was much too tired to get to Adam Myersons #lastlap retirement party and fundraiser for Bikes Not Bombs.  I had a hall pass but was too tired to consider riding or driving into Boston.

Sunday ...

No pictures.  It was an energetic ride - 26 miles in under 1 hour and 30 minutes with no stops except for stop signs and red lights, and there were few of those.  I took the Page Road/Grove Street route from Bedford to Lexington, just to try to ride a hill without losing too much speed.  I had a lot left in my legs but had to get home to help with dinner.  The difference between sleepy legs and not is amazing.  I love early morning rides but this ride was great fun.

Miles for the weekend: 69, miles for the month: 380, miles for the year 2920.

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