Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Excuses, excuses

I had a good run of cycling days at the end of last year, ending up with about 120 cycle commuting days since the beginning of April, which isn't bad considering that I need to do two day care drop offs and sometimes two pick ups, which I can't do by bike, yet (a long tail is a desirable thing right now). But the year ended and right when I was washing dishes, ready to pack my panniers for my January 5 ride in, I broke a bowl, cutting up my hands.  That required a total of eight stitches and included two deep cuts and a substantial avulsion and one of the cuts hit a tendon. (I can't describe how I managed to do this to myself - I simply felt the bowl slip through my hands and I tried to catch it before it hit the porcelain.  I didn't make it.)  So I didn't ride to work that next day, since I couldn't fit my gloves over the bandages and because I needed, and still need to not bend the finger with the problem tendon. The hand surgeon I was referred to was a long distance cyclist and didn't recommend riding until the tendon is healed.  So what am I to do, ignore the doctor?  I see the surgeon on Friday and maybe he'll say go ahead and ride and don't worry.  I hope so.  But in the meantime, we have seen snowzilla or whatever people are calling the last two storms that dumped somewhere around 40 inches of snow inside of a week in the Boston area.  The roads are narrow and very messy. I want to at least ride to Alewife, although the trains have been seriously misbehaving, so there might not be any percentage in that.  And my wife has needed me to pick up the boys or be on call to pick up the boys and, again, I can't do that by bike.  So here I am, a slacker winter cyclist.  I don't mind the dark and am pretty well equipped with lights but my wife doesn't think it's very safe.  I disagreed in November and December and rode, although slower than I did before daylight savings time ended.  But with this snow I'm sort of agreeing with her, for now.  Come next week and some snow melting, I might be out there.  Or maybe the next 24 inches of snow, which is predicted as possible this weekend, will push my return to cycle commuting further off.  Whatever happens, I'll be back riding once I'm healed and the roads aren't too narrow.

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