Monday, June 23, 2014

A Blue Honey Commuter

A couple of weeks ago I checked out a nice Honey commuter at the Ride Studio Cafe shop, ready for its new owner.  It was a dark blue with very subtle text.  And it was well equipped as a commuter.  It had a disk brake Shimano Di2 Alfine rear hub and Schmidt disk front hub generator hub.  I don't see lights yet but it is lights-ready (differing from my road bike, which has lights and is waiting for a generator hub).  It also comes equipped with fenders and a rear rack.  The fenders aren't painted, as many on Honeys are, but this looks fine to me as is.  It looked like a great commuter in the shop.

I happened to have been passed by its owner this morning and I had to catch up with him to see his bike again, despite having returned only recently from the injured reserve list.  Andreas was happy to stop and let me take a picture of him and his bike.  He loves the bike so far.  He mentioned taking some time to dial in the shifting but it seems perfect right now.  There is a comprise in the simplicity offered by internal greared hubs and the electronic shifting.  Otherwise the bike seems low maintenance and ready for rainy commutes with the fenders and disk brakes.

On a complete different note, I just moved my commuting panniers from the rear rack to the front rack to get a feel of how they perform.  Given changes in drop off schedules, I could benefit by dropping off our youngest by bike after getting the older boy on the bus.  It could work.  Handling in the city was fine but I noticed that my rear tires had substantially less grip ascending on some local gravelly trails with more weight in the front.  Otherwise this is a go, when I have sufficient energy for carrying a 30 pound boy.

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