Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Almost an errandonnee

Once again, I figured out how to neglect riding in the face of a very busy schedule.  This time it was the Errandonnee challenge from Chasing Mailboxes.  On the positive side, I didn't even try this in 2013 and wouldn't have come close, but I nearly managed to finish this time.  Here is how it turned out:

First try, I ran 3 or 4 or 5 errands, depending how you count.  You decide and let me know.

The next day, I went for a ride with my youngest boy, who asked to ride with me, and he fell asleep.  I guess I wasn't great company.

Next, I rode to work and stopped on the way for breakfast then stopped at a bike shop for a needed part on a project I am working on.  That makes 8, if you are counting the same way as me.

Then I just rode to store to pick up pictures and a quick trip to Trader Joe's.  That's 9.

Finally, I rode to work one more time.  I actually benefited from getting  to work by bike that day.  Unfortunately you can't edit Instagram posts - a road could be typed as toad and your iphone won't correct you ...

That makes 10, which is two short.  And I needed the snow day (for DC, not here) to get the 10th so I guess that I wasn't all that close.  But the concept is nice - use your bike when it makes sense.  I recall that the rules stated that you should drop out rather than get stressed about it.  I was leaving for a field trip the Friday following the end of the challenge and getting ready and successfully getting out of the house took some time and trying to get two more errands in just wasn't possible.

And now I am riding just because it makes sense.  Maybe the challenge made riding more appealing for me, which I think was the intent.  And that is a good result, #dnf or not.

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