Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A J.P Weigle Single Speed in the wild

Riding home today I was passed by a cyclist on what I thought was a Rawland Nordavinden.  I pulled up to check it out and it was a J.P. Weigle single speed.  I talked with Daniel, the owner, who stopped so I could take pictures of his bike.  Here it is.

Daniel and his J.P. Weigle:

It's a lovely bike.  It was rebuilt by Weigle as a path racer (you tell me what that is).  He made a new fork and spacers so it could accommodate a modern stem.  It has great lines and the fenders are installed perfectly.  The paint shows a couple of chips but the bike is otherwise in pristine condition.  Daniel's usual commuter is in for repairs so he had this one out on a day I would take my Surly but wouldn't take my IF.

Check out the eyelets for the front rack holding the bag.  It's very clean and has great utility.  I love Weigle's pump pegs.  It's old school but that's my aesthetics.

And my Surly.  I can't even match my panniers.

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