Sunday, February 23, 2014

Winter vacation

My family joined my sister-in-law's family for a week near San Diego for winter vacation.  That's "winter vacation" defined by a Massachusetts town's school system.  I turned out to be a great week to leave Massachusetts, although the weather threatened to keep us home - those in the Boston area may remember a week ago Saturday's snowfall.  That, and the dead battery I caused by leaving an interior light on in my car for a day.  Roads were smooth - in a car, although I saw many cyclists on the road - and the weather was good enough for swimming and relaxing in a hot tub outside.  I managed three runs and a lot of walking.  One run was at my favorite place in southern California from our last vacation there - Torrey Pines State preserve.  My time wasn't amazing but it is an amazing place.

On our first full evening in California we went to the beach to watch sunset.  The evening turned out well.  We saw the sun hit the horizon and we saw the green flash, only the second time I saw it (the first was heading east on a red eye several years ago).  After sunset we saw a procession of marine mammals (maybe dolphins, possibly fin whales) heading north.  I've seen a lot of whales on the east coast, including watching humpbacks feeding from a USCG helicopter, but this was pretty special.  A minute before sunset:

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