Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Saturday with the five year old

Every trip out of the house when the sun is out is worth it these days.  With winter weather and early winter sunsets coming our way, seeing the sun and colorful leaves, even if thinned out some at this point in the year, is a pleasure.  So last Saturday I rode out to Bedford with my oldest son, the five year old.  The initial intention was to ride to Davis Square for coffee then a playground but mom and little brother were somewhere out in the world and he decided that we should see them in Concord, where they were headed.  I should have been firmer and tried to convince him otherwise but we headed west, not east.  Riding was slow.  The five year old packed the snacks so he knew what he could eat and drink.  We had three snack stops in the first five miles.  At 7 miles into the ride we heard from mom, who was 2 miles away, near a bike path crossing in Bedford.  We headed there and called it a day.  The best part of the ride was seeing a 4 point buck, just shy of the bike path.  My son hadn't seen a deer before so this was a great sighting for him.  It was fun watching the buck leap away, seemingly jumping brush as tall as he was.  After we met up with the rest of the family we headed to our favorite farm and picked up some meat and eggs and then checked out the horses.  All in all it was a great fall day.

No pictures - my 4 year old smart phone is acting its age - more software glitches and the power button works only infrequently.  Otherwise I would have had a chance of a decent picture of the deer before it bounded away.

Total miles: 9, miles for the year: 2750.

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