Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Coffeeneuring 4

Sometimes you can hardly get out of the door.  Last Saturday I got out for familyneuring but couldn't fit in a cup of coffee.  This weekend I barely made it of the house on my bicycle, running a couple of errands, including mailing a bill, getting stamps, and getting a new bulb for the brake light on my wife's car.  The trip was fast, just into the center of town.  I was lucky and managed to bring my bike into the parts store and found a pole to lock my bike close to the post office.  Finally, I found the two empty racks at the local Starbucks (that's my bike in the picture, taken from my seat in the shop):

The coffee was just fine, a short (they don't have this size in the menu but do sell them):

While this was hardly an amazing ride through beautiful country to a new and wonderful coffee shop, it was still a very nice excursion, as most rides are.  It is always nice to get out on a bike, even on a 35 degree morning.

Sunday was taken up with a work conference so I am invoking a personal 3 day weekend rule for next weekend, although the weather forecast for Friday doesn't look good right now.

Total miles for the ride: 4, miles for the month: 243, miles for the year: 2725.

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