Friday, January 11, 2013

Tomii Frames

A not very beautiful picture of a beautiful frame:

I got to see B's new frame and enjoy a local beer (batch #6) with him.  It was a nice evening and it was fun to see this amazing frame.  I can't wait to see it built up.

You can't tell from here but the paint is a very light green that's been described as mint or cucumber.  In any case, it isn't too subtle and it is sharp with the red on the head tube.  The badge, if you could call it that, is on the stem and is quite nice - a panel of polished stainless steel with Tomii's signature in matching red etched deeply in the steel.  The fork with front rack is light and elegant.  There is a lot of details in the frame,  including the crown-like cutout on the top of the seat tube.

It is the first fillet brazed frame I have seen close up and personal.  I like the effect.  I'm a fan off TIG welds, particular the picture perfect welds on Firefly and Seven frames but this kind of construction is appealing to me.

More pictures are on the Tomii blog and on his Flickr page.

Added 01/012/2013:

Prolly posted about the bike here.

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