Monday, October 15, 2012

Next western Massachusetts ride

I have done all of these roads, except for the climb out of the Deerfield River valley to Rowe, Massachusetts.  The descent from Hawley to the Deerfield River can be difficult. The river road north of Rte 2 is only slightly uphill and you pass the east portal of the Hoosac Tunnel.  The road from Monroe crosses the river just downstream from the site of the old Rowe Yankee nuclear plant, which my father helped build.  I can't say that the road above it heading to Rowe is not gravel but I'm willing to try it.  The descent to the Deerfield River on Bardwell Ferry Road is great and the bridge at the ferry is one of my favorite bridges around.  The distance is a bit long but with an early start it should be very possible at this time of the year.

The route.

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