Sunday, October 21, 2012

Leaves are turning fast

Fall is coming faster, especially out of town.  In town the leaves are still mostly green but out of town it is past peak.  I took a long ride out of town this morning to check out the leaves.

It was an early morning ride - I was out of the house by 5:30 - and I looked for the Leonid meteor shower.  I stopped in dark spots a few times and looked towards Leo but didn't see anything.

The ride was cold but not too cold.  I was well dressed for the coldest parts of the day but was never too warm - I never broke a sweat.

I was amused when crossing Rte 2 at 126.  There was a large group of riders waiting for their light, most of them patiently.  Suddenly have of them took off, blowing off the red light.  One of the patient riders yelled out, "DUDE!", clearly exasperated at his fellow riders' respect for the law.  The light changed in a couple of seconds and they all made it across, as far as I could see.

Sunrise on Pope Road in Acton:

Farmland off of Baker Bridge Road in Concord:

Fall greens on farmland off of Baker Bridge Road in Concord:

The other pond in Concord, near Walden Pond:

Near the pond:

Giant spider at Wilson's Farm in Lexington, part of the Halloween hayride:

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