Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cooler weather ... all of the time

It seems that there are fewer and fewer nice days to ride - days with sunshine and warm temperatures and no wind.  Yesterday had one element in my favor, sunshine.  It was cool throughout my ride, the max temperature was under 50F.  And the wind, for much of my ride, was 10mph in my face.  Still, it was nice to get outside and move as quickly as I could.  My ride was closely timed.  I needed to get back at a specific time and I did.

The ride was nothing special - out Mass Ave to Rte 2A to Lexington Street into Concord center.  Then Lowell Road to Church St to 225 to Bedford and the bike path.  Mass Ave is difficult on road tires for a stretch in Arlington because of road construction so I used the bike path as a bypass.  31 miles.

That's over 2000 miles for the year.

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