Thursday, August 30, 2012

Recent rides

I have been on my bike a few times in the last few days:

40 miles with my friend Karen (visiting from Norway).  Having successfully borrowed bikes from me in the past, she was on my Surly.  That was a bit merciful - I suspect it would have been a much faster ride if she had her Enigma.

The next day I did a 25 miler out to Concord and Bedford.  It was an early ride, getting out of the house at 5AM, in the dark.  I came back into town on the Minuteman Bike Path, which is preferable at early commuting hours.

I was off yesterday to take the boys to the MD for well visits.  I did the same ride, more or less, as the 25 miler, only in reverse and during daylight, which made it a much different day.  It was a very cool morning but comfortable by the time I left.

I now have 1600 miles for the season, which is nearly double what I did last year but 700 miles shy of my average mileage over the years since I started using a bike computer (1995).  2000 miles is possible this year, depending on the weather.  Morning rides are getting shorter - you just can't go all that fast in the dark, even with my very bright headlight.  I may commute more in the early fall once the boys are in the same preschool.

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