Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bike Lanes

I commute only occasionally - it's pretty hard to arrange with two day care/pre-school drop-offs and pick-ups, as my wife can attest to.  But when I do, I am thankful for the bike lanes in Cambridge.  Streets are safer for me when they have bike lanes.  I watch for opening doors and tend to stay on the left side of the lane to avoid a dooring.  It is amusing to see the other cyclists in the lane and there can be a lot of them.  On Hampshire Street, there are often posses of bikes waiting for the lights and the lanes are often full at commuting hours.

Here are a few bikes coming to a stop at Hampshire and Portland Streets; the bike with the reflective triangle also had a drum set up in the cockpit - you never know what you might see:

Bike lanes are not always sacrosanct.  Here is a delivery truck occupying a good part of the bike lane at Hampshire and Columbia Streets:


  1. I think my commute takes me through similar territory! My pet peeve are the double-parkers. I can have a little sympathy for delivery drivers, but people who just can't be bothered to find a spot and block the bike lane drive me absolutely crazy.

    1. I haven't seen you this bike on commute yet.

      I do have some sympathy for workers, especially in Cambridge and Somerville, both of which have severe parking issues. Like you, I don't appreciate double parkers but haven't encountered that situation often.