Sunday, July 29, 2012

More vacation riding

Besides the Rock Harbor ride, I did a few other rides on the Cape and at home:

A short ride to Chatham Light to see the ocean at 6AM:

I rode 24 miles with Matt, my young cousin (by marriage) and his dad, Uncle Paul.

And a 22 mile ride with my wife and the boys.  We passed the bike path rotary:

Stopped at the airport to check out the planes and their unusual weather forecaster:

And checked out this old canvas fish spotter plane, now in use as a shark spotter by Cape Cod Shark Hunters:

We also stopped at the new-ish Chatham playground, adjacent to the Anglers' field.

At home, on Sunday, I rode out towards Concord, turning around 9 miles into the ride when it started to rain.  I started the ride at 5:30 and while the sun had officially risen, it was still pretty dark out.  I now have a rechargeable Night Rider light so I will feel better about these early morning rides.  Not sure if it will go on my IF or my Surly.

All of these rides were on my Surly.

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