Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summer riding in Vermont

On the family vacation in Vermont this summer, I had the chance to get in two rides:

1) a long road ride from Ludlow to Woodstock and back. I did this on my Surly, which I had with me because I may have had to ride from the house we were staying at, which is nearly inaccessible on a road bike. I had been on most of the roads before so there were no surprises. The weather was lovely and the roads relatively untraveled by cars and bikes. I could have done this ride 15-20 minutes quicker on the IF.

Map: ride 1

2) a shorter ride but starting from the house. I left for this ride around 5:30 before anyone in the house was up. The ride starts on the 1.3 mile 650 foot driveway. My rims were hot by the bottom of the hill. There was fog up high but the visibility in the valleys was perfect. The roads were very empty - I saw 4 cars in the first 10 miles. The ascent up the hill was easy - if you have a 30/27 gearing. I needed the wider tires and the gearing of the Surly. The wider tires were nice for all of Cavendish Gulf Road.  I saw deer in the Black River, getting a drink.  Change to the Topo map to see the hill at the start of the ride:

Map: ride 2

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