Saturday, June 13, 2009

Early morning ride to Concord and Carlisle

I left the house around 5:15AM and with some apprehension of forecasted fog and that the streets would be wet (as our street was) but the major roads were dry. I encountered a lot of fog crossing MA 128/I95 on MA 2A and thought of turning back. It eventually cleared and while I hit more patches of fog, none were as intimidating as the 128/95 crossing. On the return trip I passed most, or perhaps all, of the Harpoon B2B riders. They are in for a long haul (149 miles or so). I haven't been in the saddle enough this season (~610 miles) to even think about that distance. I saw three support vehicles, one looking like a Harpoon van with bike racks and a couple of Mavic cars with many spare wheels and a couple of bikes, in Mavic's colors. I finished the ride reasonably quickly, at 17.0mph.

Here is the route.

Bike: IF Club Racer 2007

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